Renovations, say what?!

KITCHEN - Does scrolling through Instagram, seeing picture perfect kitchens have you worried about how you’re going to sell your house when all of the buyers out there probably want the Instagram version? Well here are a few tips that can help give your space a mini face lift without spending $30,000 on an Instagram perfect kitchen remodel so you can still be sure to attract lots of buyers!
Islands are great for entertaining and also can add a ton of extra storage space for small kitchen appliances, serving platters, and pots and pans. The good news is that you don’t have to match the island to your current cabinets, you can have fun with it! You could look for a freestanding island on sites like Wayfair, Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel to find one that complements the style of your kitchen. You could even take it with you when you move (or it could be a negotiating tool to increase the buyer’s offer price)! If you’re buying an island on more of a budget, consider buying an unfinished wood version and painting it yourself. You can even make it a pop of color like the trending blue and green cabinets we’re seeing lately so it stands out without changing the entire kitchen to a trendy color.
Whether you’re going to be putting your house up for sale or just want to add some style to your countertops, adding accessories can make your space feel cozy and also more stylish! You want to reduce kitchen clutter when it comes to pieces of mail, too many kitchen appliances (goodbye blender, toaster and juicer), and other junk that accumulates but you don’t want the countertops to be completely bare. So replace those not so pretty items with stylish accessories. Consider adding items such as a nice pitcher, a vase of flowers, a plant, a wire basket filled with pretty cookbooks, an Anthropologie candle, a bowl of colorful fruit, and even your Kitchen Aid Mixer (especially if it’s a fun pop of color!)
Is your sink comparable to the generic, shallow - stainless steel sinks you find in many apartment complexes? Or maybe it’s really scratched up and turning into more of an eye sore. Replacing your sink with a modern style can make a big difference in your kitchen’s appearance without costing you a fortune! If you want to take it even further, replace the kitchen faucet while you’re at it! Search kitchen trends on Pinterest or look at popular interior design accounts on Instagram for inspiration and to see what will fit your overall style best!

HOME RENOS FOR ROI - This fact might surprise you: The average home improvement project does not tend to have a 100% return on initial investment. You might be thinking – why would I remodel then? The reasons range from the added enjoyment you’ll get from having that brand new kitchen to staying in line with other homes in the area who are investing in these upgrades. However, if you’re looking for a project with 100% ROI, these are some of the top options you should consider.

Upgraded Landscaping: Were you thinking I was going to say kitchen or bath? Surprisingly landscaping is a top runner for maximum return on investment. Your curb appeal is the first impression of your home so it makes sense that landscaping would have a good return. If your yard is one area your home is lacking, adding in some color and cleaning things up can make a big difference. Consider incorporating some flowering shrubs, large planters with bright flowers, fresh mulch and maybe even a new flagstone walkway to really spruce things up.

New Roof: This one doesn’t sound like the most fun but it’s a big deal when it comes to selling your home. If you’re seeing water leaks in your roof, put this in the #1 spot before you do anything else. Plus, the ROI on a new roof is over 100%. How do you know if you need a new roof? Here are a few signs.. If you notice shingles missing or curling up, the sun shining through your attic or you see stains on ceilings and walls, then it’s probably time for a new roof.

Hardwood Floors: The timeless look of hardwood floors are a top feature to love and they are probably the one feature that will always be a good investment. The trending style of hardwood floors may change over time but they’re always going to trump any other style of flooring when it comes to holding their value. You know the feeling when you find out there are hardwood floors underneath old, outdated carpeting? It feels like you hit the jackpot! Hardwood floors are timeless so refinishing them is a no brainer. If you don’t have them, they’re also going to be worth the initial investment down the road.

Patio or Deck: Say hello to outdoor entertaining and Summer BBQ’s. We already know that landscaping is the #1 project for ROI so it makes sense that a patio or deck addition is really going ot up your backyard game! Now you’ll even have a place to sit with a cocktail and appreciate all that landscaping work you did. To give you some examples, the average cost of a patio is $6,000 and the average return is 102%. For a deck, the average cost is $9,450 with a 106% average return. Are you thinking tonight’s dinner conversation will go something like “Honey, we’re getting a new deck!”

Which remodeling project have you been considering? Always consider the ROI on any home projects you decide to tackle. Spending $50,000 on a kitchen remodel will not necessarily add that amount to the value of your home so keep that in mind when deciding where to spend vs where to splurge.

Budget Friendly Laundry Room Updates

Change Up Your Lighting Situation
Switching out the light fixtures and upgrading to something a bit more modern is an easy fix for any room - but definitely helpful in your laundry space. New fixtures with the right bulbs can change the look and vibe of your laundry space instantly.

Replace Cabinet Handles
Cabinet handles make a small but mighty impact on the way a room looks. If you have cabinets in your laundry room, consider switching out all the hardware or if possible, painting the current hardware. Black knobs or pulls can add the perfect pop of contrast to white cabinets.

Upgrade Your Sink
Just like a kitchen, adding some subway tile and a ceramic sink can make a space go from drab to fab. White cabinets, black hardware, and your new sink + backsplash will have you wanting to spend more time in your laundry room than you thought was possible - and it won’t crush your wallet!

Spice Up Your Cabinets
Modify the inside of your cabinets with additional storage options to meet your needs. Create open shelves by removing doors so you can sort by types of laundry or family member!

What’s Behind The Door?
Maximize the space behind your door - especially if your laundry room is on the smaller side. A shelf is perfect for storing your iron, laundry detergent, cleaners and cloths.

Hang Some Curtains
Bring color and pattern into your laundry room with fresh curtains. This relatively inexpensive option can really add the perfect touch to your space without having to fuss with paint or wallpaper.